PCTplus for Life-Cycle of all your Assets:

  • PCTplus is the only "out of the box" solution that allows you to map a complete BIM data model in a flexibel configurable way.
  • PCTplus supports you throughout the entire lifecycle of your assets and forms the basis of your asset management.
  • New or existing plants - PCTplus can be configured with ease to your product portfolio or your existing plant portfolio.
  • Your assets are available in online and offline mode.
  • You always have all your data, models and documents available in the field, even without web or internet access.
  • You can enter information in the field at any time and synchronize it with the base installation (on premise or in the cloud) as soon as a connection is available again.
  • As a multi-project / multi-plant solution, you have direct access to all your assets at all times.
  • PCTplus enables collaborative and simultaneous work on your plants.
  • Sophisticated workflows, in combination with a cross-asset notification system and an automated MOM function linked to a central open item list (Decision, Action, Notice), allow easy tracking of your asset project.